2014-10-13 17:02 Finally an update

I finally decided to update my site, I didn't like my old design at all and really wanted a minimal site. The look and feel of this is much better, it is very white, but I like it enough to be represented by it. It is all I need and all I want for right now, heh.

I also decided to add a mailserver to my VPS so taht I can use email and manage it myself instead of using the nameservers free service. It was an interesting thing to learn and I am glad I did it. I enjoyed it!


2013-06-26 10:30 New VPS!

Hello weary web travelers I am glad that you have stumbled upon my brand new personal home page. I recently decided to create myself a home on the web and am glad to have done so. I had been searching for a reason to make a website for awhile now.

I then realized that for some time now I had been looking for a place to host information about me and somewhere that I can host my projects, whether they are web projects or just source repositories for other miscellaneous projects that I conjure up. Here I am, and now, I own a VPS and domain that contains my name and last initial, which I was shocked was free to be honest, and I have been able to tinker with it and relearn a lot of things I had forgotten about the web and servers.

I plan on making this front page into a small blog, with small updates on my life or major things/events pertaining to this website. The about page will have details like contact info, hobbies, and probably some random bio. The resume page is up in the air, I might just link to it or have a way to request it on my about me page. I don't really want to make it freely accessible since it contains an address and phone number etc. The projects page is pretty self explanatory, not much to talk about there. Thanks for reading!